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You can choose between two different Rome Free Walking Tours, the Classic or Trastevere or scroll down and read what the web says about us!

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Best Free Walking Tour Rome – Traverse the Unbeaten Roads of the Eternal City

The rich history and mystifying glory of Rome beckons! Experience the spectacular Caput Mundi with our free tour Rome that adds a unique yet memorable touch to your journey. Come; embark on an enchanting free walking tour Rome with us, discovering the glorious City of the Seven Hills in a way like never before! We promise you the most exciting and unforgettable experience, presenting sites and stories that are offbeat and unconventional.

Rome Walking Tour – An Experience to Cherish Forever

With its intriguing history, unparalleled art and archaeological treasures, unique traditions, and panoramic scenic vistas – Rome is the third most popular cities in Europe that attract tourists from around the world. People with varied and discerning travel passion visit this charming city to discover its cultural heritage, glorious history and rich ethnicity; not to mention its vibrant atmosphere and world-famous cuisine. Unfortunately most of them will only barely scratch the city surface, sticking to the main landmarks and wrestling trough large tourist crowds and long queues.

A Rome walking tour with us will take you back in time to let you experience the “glory that was Rome” in unique places away from the crowds. Follow us into this journey and discover how much MORE the city has to offer beyond the most famous landmarks. Explore the city by foot enclosed by magnificent monuments, archaeological sites and colossal remains from the bygone era steeped into fascinating art and architecture, learn about the amazing evolution of the Aeternal city, from Iron age to the mighty Roman Empire, off to the Middle-Age and Papacy until the Italian Kingdom unification, world wars, Fascist regime and modern day Republic, a real roller coaster of unique events, amazing history and fun facts. But what makes our free tour in Rome special and one-of-a-kind? It is our true commitment to ensure the most unique journey by taking you to the paths unravelled, the experiences unexplored! We really want you to go beyond Rome’s surface and understand its soul.

Discover Not-So-Touristy Rome With Our Free Walking Tours

To offer an offbeat travelling experience, we have two different free walking tours in Rome – Our Classic “Not so Touristy Rome Free Tour” and “Trastevere Rome walking tour”.

  • Classic Not so Touristy Rome Walking Tour: This is a fantastic way to explore the Eternal City off the beaten path. Ditch the stereotype of visiting the famous tourist attractions like the Colosseum, Pantheon or the Trevi Fountain. Take a free tour of Rome with us and discover its history hidden in every stone and every corner of the city. From Circus Maximus to the Aventine, down to the Mouth of Truth and the ancient cattle Forum, off to Marcellus Theater and the Jewish Ghetto, so much to see and so much to learn in a fun way!

  • Trastevere Free Walking Tour: Away from the glitz and glamour of typical tourist attractions in Rome, set off on a journey to an amazing neighbourhood with over 2000 years of history, interesting folklore and unique artworks. Our free walking tour of Rome takes you to Trastevere, come explore the other side of Rome in a walk that will let you discover its hidden treasures, meandering streets, beautiful churches and of course, its food and drinks.

Veni Vidi Visit – #1 Choice for the Best Free Walking Tour Rome

Wonder why our free Rome walking tours are the best in the city? Let’s check out:

  • Explore Rome in an unusual and interesting way – we take you to the roads and experiences unbeaten, away from most tourist crowds.

  • Fully authorised and licensed tour guides, no students or make up guides.

  • 100% real Roman guides. We are real born and raised Romans and love to answer to any question about living and enjoying our beloved city.

  • Two different tours, both off the most beaten paths.

  • Enjoy the best free walking tour Rome at no cost – we believe that everyone visiting the city should appreciate and live its culture for free.

  • Casual and relaxed atmosphere: most of our tours are like a walk among friends, fun facts and jokes are always welcome.

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